Framis Article Range

Framis has been founded more than 40 years ago in Vigano di Gaggiano, Milan Italy.
Framis owns a Styling-Center, a Coating-Unit and a well equipped Research-Center, where chemical, electronical and mechanical research is done, in order to achieve new developments for fashion and technical industries.

The range of Framis covers several product lines. The base material is Polyurethan (PU). Please find below some short information about the different lines:

A.) Framilon

A.) Framilon - a ribbon to realize elastic sewings, without to make them thicker, and therefore very comfortable and useful, invisible for example for lingery.

B.) Films - Framis has developped films for different purposes::

1.) Tekfilm Mirage - is a 100% PU-Film, very soft and transparent. It can be used for button-reenforcement or label-printing.

2.) Tekfilm Tradel - is a 100% PU-Film, ironed-on with a heat-press on nearly every textile surface. The elasticity remains unchanged.

3.) Tekfilm Bi-Tradel - a bi-adhesive PU-Film in order to combine two fabrics without sewing

4.) Tekfilm Dream Revolution- a thermo-adhesive PU-Film or PU-Tape for welding machines (hot air) or heat-press with a big colour range. Used for example for coloured stretch labels or for following the outer sewings of garments with regard to fashion aspects.

C.) Tektapes - those PU-based tapes for welding machines (hot air) are used for:

1.) covering seams

2.) to replace seams

3.) to make seams water-tight

All products of Framis Italia are certified Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 !!!

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