Our Target

To be your reliable partner for high-tech fabrics, self-gripping tapes, zippers, rubber-ribbons, PU-Films and tapes, textile ribbons for all branches, buttons, and glitter-accessories as collars, ribbons, patches and broches

Our Partners and our Regions for Travelling

We sell self-gripping fasteneners all over Germany. You will get best quality and favorable prices. A lot of colours for your choice.

For Bavaria:

Rubber Ribbon by Schanz-Bänder in Mössingen.

For Bavaria and Austria:

Elastic PU-Films and tapes by Framis, Italy.

For Austria and Switzerland:

Textile ribbons for fashion (elastic or rigid) by Angelo Valera, Italy

For Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Glitter-Ribbons and Paillettes-Collars and Broches from Ulisse, Italy
All zipper-types by SKA, Italy
Fabrics for Ladieswear from Shinjintex Korea

For all your questions please contact Mrs. Roswitha Saule or Mr. Heiko Zganiacz!


Roswitha Saule
Roswitha Saule - Sales

Heiko Zganiacz
Heiko Zganiacz - Sales